VueMinder Ultimate 2017 Crack & License Key Download

VueMinder Ultimate 2017 Crack & License Key Final Download

VueMinder Ultimate 2017 Crack & License Key Download

VueMinder Ultimate 2017 Information:

VueMinder Ultimate 2017 Crack Final is a full-featured calendar and reminder program that sends reminders to your desktop and even SMS notifications. Through using VueMinder Ultimate 2017 Patch, you can generate your own calendar includes arranging schedules, plans, reminders, appointments or tasks and so on. You can customize almost every aspect of all your appointments and tasks, including adding notes, reminders, SMS notifications, and data can also be shared over your local network. VueMinder Ultimate 2017 Crack combines all your events, tasks, notes, and reminders into one suitable place. VueMinder Ultimate 2017.00 is one of the best software for offices to sync schedules, holidays, local weather, and more.


  • Flexible Reminder Options
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Microsoft Outlook and Excel Integration
  • Integrated Desktop Calendar
  • Fully Customizable Event Appearances
  • View Data By Day, Week, Month, and More
  • Share Calendars Over a Local Network
  • Send Calendars, Events, and Meeting Requests via Email
  • Contact Data Management
  • Many Other Features…

What’s New ?

  • Added the ability to import or sync with any number of local Outlook account profiles, instead of only being able use the primary account profile.VueMinder Ultimate
  • Added the ability to create, delete, and rename contact groups/folders.
  • Added the ability to rename previously created distribution lists.VueMinder Ultimate
  • Added the ability to specify the default group/folder for new contacts.
  • Added an option to sync contact deletions with Google Contacts.VueMinder Ultimate
  • Added an option to control whether syncing with Google Contacts is 1-way or 2-way.
  • Added an option to not include reminders when syncing with Exchange Server.
  • Added options to enable word-wrapping of events, tasks, and notes independently of each other. Notes will no longer be word-wrapped by default, since they usually require too much space on the Month view.
  • VueMinder Ultimate Added the ability to override the default background, text, link, and border colors of the Details Pane.
  • Added a filter toggle button to the Details Pane. When the filter button is selected, items filtered from the Calendar View will also be filtered from the Details Pane.
  • Added a button to the text editor for inserting the current date and time.
  • Added an option to hide the Status Bar on the Desktop Calendar.
  • VueMinder Ultimate Added an option to enable or disable text scaling. By default, VueMinder will no longer use text scaling. Instead, the user interface will match how it was intended to be displayed, even on high-resolution 4K monitors.
  • Improved the performance of Google Contact syncing. Users that have many contacts should notice VueMinder runs faster after updating.
  • VueMinder Ultimate Improved syncing of meeting requests with Google Calendar. The list of meeting attendees can now be seen in VueMinder.
  • Improved meeting requests and email reminders to show the associated time zone.
  • VueMinder Ultimate Improved sending of SMS reminders when configured to use a mobile carrier. Some mobile carriers (such as Verizon) will reject an SMS reminder sent from VueMinder to multiple recipients. A separate SMS reminder will now be transmitted to each recipient.
  • VueMinder Ultimate Improved the Desktop Calendar to support cutting (Ctrl+X), copying (Ctrl+C), and pasting (Ctrl+V) items using keyboard shortcuts. Also added support for undoing changes (Ctrl+Z) on the Desktop Calendar.
  • VueMinder Ultimate Improved the appearance of events in generated web pages to more closely match their appearances in VueMinder, including fonts, borders, and custom colors.
  • Improved the readability of generated web pages. Also improved the arrow buttons used for navigating between months.
  • Improved the Month Settings menu to make it easier to find options.
  • Corrected syncing tasks with Google Calendar. Floating tasks that aren’t due yet would incorrectly move to the current date after syncing. Also, changes to the due dates in Google Calendar wouldn’t properly sync to VueMinder.
  • Corrected Google Calendar meeting requests to be read-only when sent by a different account and permission wasn’t granted to allow editing.
  • Corrected handling of errors when sending meeting requests. If an error occurs and the meeting can’t be sent, the error will be shown to the user.
  • Corrected problems syncing with Google Calendar (and possibly other external calendars) when using a proxy server.


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